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Embrace the future of computing while embarking on a learning journey as you delve into the cutting-edge concepts, practices, and architectural patterns innovating modern software development.  Event Store Academy offers a wealth of resources tailored to your learning preferences.   

EventStoreDB - the streaming, event-native database built for the modern realtime enterprise.  Understand your business as it happens!
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Get started today with Event Store Essentials

Not familiar with EventStoreDB or Event Sourcing patterns?  We've got you covered!  Event Store Essentials is a series of courses that provides an in-depth understanding of all things Event Store to prepare you for our more advanced training.  
Lesson series

Want to cook up something tasty with Event Store "from scratch?"

Visit Event Store Academy's "From Scratch" series to quickly get starting using EventStoreDB with the client of your choice.  
  • Choose from .NET, Java, Python, or Node.js (or use them all)
  • Run code in GitHub Codespaces and locally
  • Set up your own local project using the client of your preference and build your own EventStoreDB projects.  

Or access any of our free, self-paced courses

Live Training

Ready to take the next step in your EventStoreDB journey.  Sign up for one of our live, instructor led courses and learn from an expert.  
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